Well, quite a lot actually. The biggest news for Read Horror fans was the launch of our humble site, See Horror – the sister site of Read Horror. In tribute to this marriage of sites – of sorts – this week only we’re bringing you a round-up of what happened on both Read Horror and See Horror.

Monday saw the official welcome to See Horror and with it news on Craig Gillespie’s Fright NightApollo 18 and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. We also set up social network profiles for See Horror to complement the existing Read Horror fan pages. Yet Read Horror were certainly not resting on their laurels that day, as we kick started the week with none other thanCharlaine Harris – the author responsible for the True Blood television series, amongst many other things – in Meet The Writer.

Tuesday began with news pieces on Steven Savile and Jonathan Maberry, whilst we ran news stories on The Holding andAtrocious over at See Horror. A more action packed Wednesday saw the latest instalment of Simon Marshall-Jones’ ever-popular Re(a)d-Letter Day column, Ross Warren reviewing Stephen King’s latest tome Mile 81 and a nod towards Joe McKinney’s Flesh Eaters. Meanwhile, horror film fanatics enjoyed a glimpse at the new Straw Dogs film and a review of KM31. As the week began to roll to a close our coverage did not as Alan Kelly delivered the first of his new Interview series – on Thursday – with My Sucky Teen Romance director Emily Hagins. Meanwhile, Dan Howarth offered his thoughts on Michael McBride’s Predatory Instinct. We slowed things down on Friday with a couple of news pieces on the film and novel version of Jim DeVault’s The Fun Room.



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