Hellraiser CenobitesAside from books, there’s one thing that’s usually a major influence on writers of horror – film. This shouldn’t come as any surprise – books, despite being composed solely of words printed on pages, are, just like films, essentially a form of visual media, albeit the images are played out in the reader’s head. Ask any author of the darker shades of fiction to come up with a list of their prime inspirations for becoming writers and you can guarantee there will be a couple of films in amongst the books and stories.

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Amityville II: The PossessionI first encountered Amityville II: The Possession when I was a young teenager. I was staying around my grandparents’ house, and at the time already obsessed with all things horror. It was showing on late night television and my parents agreed that I could record it to watch the next day. I’d remembered seeing the videocassette in our local video shop; a horrible, ghoulish image of something half-man half-demon leered from the cover, its mouth twisted into what was either a scream or smile (I could never decide which), the title was in blood red with forked tails coming out of the lettering. Needless to say, to my thirteen year old eyes it looked ‘wicked’.

Amityville II: The Possession


Fans of horror, prepare for a real treat in the form of Steve Harris’ Retrospective on Return of the Living Dead. For those that remember this the first time around, please join us for a journey down memory lane, and for those yet to become accustomed with Return of the Living Dead, join us, it’s going to be a blood and laugh-filled journey.

Return of the Living Dead Retrospective


Here at See Horror, we are delighted to bring to you our new feature Horror Retrospective. Here, our writers, put forward a case for classic yet forgotten horror films, or films that have divided fans and critics. First up is Mark West – who will be heavily involved in this excellent featured – speaking about the much overlooked eighties film Dead & Buried.

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