Hostel III – Paint the town red this Christmas

Hostel IIIInteresting news is emerging for fans of the Hostel franchise, with the third instalment being unleashed straight onto DVD on 27 December.

Hostel III offers a new take on the original Sin City of Las Vegas, bringing the horror a lot closer to home for American fans of the series.

The film itself looks a lot more decadent than previous offerings with settings including glittering Vegas landmarks that are decorated with beautiful women. Sin City is a place that offers all kinds of indulgences for the rich, including the sinister ones on offer in Hostel III.

Helmed by Evil Dead II co-writer Scott Spiegel, the third instalment features the traditional array of beauties including model Kelly Thiebaud in one of the lead roles. Although Eli Roth has been rumoured to be producing, he has apparently stayed away from set of the latest instalment of the franchise that he created.

Released two days after Christmas, Hostel III could be the perfect late gift for those wishing to paint the town red over the festive period.


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Viscera Film FestivalSee Horror is excited to announce that The Viscera Film Festival is expanding and looking to recruit passionate, qualified and hard-working interns. There are currently a number of positions available for people who are interested in directly assisting female genre filmmakers from all over the world.

Viscera are a non-profit organisation founded by Shannon Lark who works tirelessly to support and showcase new and established women of genre. Viscera is about spreading the word that women can create commercial and creative work which will further the reach for women not only in horror filmmaking, but in all areas of the genre. Viscera are constantly working to get the Viscera films screened and promoted all over the world as part of the Viscera Tour and last summer they held their annual live event at the Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles. The world tour has taken (well, it will soon) the festival to Sydney, Australia, the Abattoir Film Festival in Wales and Geek Girl Con in Seattle.

For any filmmakers out there interested in submitting an entry, the closing dates for submissions to the festival are February 28 2012 (Women in Horror Recognition Month) and if you’re keen to get involved you can find out more information here.

And for those who want to apply for an internship: download the ‘Viscera Interns’ PDF and follow the instructions. Only respectful, punctual, and hard-working men and women are encouraged to apply.



Frightfest PromoThis is a final call for all budding John Carpenters or George A. Romeros out there. FrightFest short and feature film submissions are about to close for the Glasgow event that will be held on 25 and 26 February 2012. Submissions close on 1 December 2011 and announcements will be made about the final line-up in mid-January.

However, if that deadline is too short for you don’t worry. The closing date for the main FrightFest in August 2012 is 1 June 2012 and the closing date for submissions for the Halloween All-Nighter is 1 September 2012.

Submission forms and further guidance on dates and formats can be found on the official FrightFest website.

Good luck to all those submitting shorts this year!



Popcorn HorrorMeet Felix Gilfedder, he’s an independent filmmaker from Glasgow, Scotland. Having fallen in love with filmmaking at the tender age of eight, he has since gone on to make ten independent short films and picked up a couple of awards along the way. He even managed to find time to study towards a Masters in History.

What really interests See Horror is his passion for horror films and the product of it – an app available on both Android and the iPhone entitled Popcorn Horror. The premise is a simple one, Popcorn Horror showcases horror shorts from around the world. Films range from two to six minutes long. This perfectly reflects the modern lifestyle and embraces mobile technology. Sure, we have the capacity to put Lars von Trier’s The Kingdom, in its entirety, on our smartphone – should we feel the need, but is that really going along with the spirit of things? Mobile distractions are perfect for commuting, or whilst waiting for a friend, but they’re rarely practical for tucking into feature-length films.

This is what Felix Gilfedder had to say about Popcorn Horror, “We didn’t want to try and do too much. The aim is simple – to connect horror/film fans with the very best and most exciting horror films from around the world, ‘on the move’.”

The motivations behind the idea are great, but what of the content and frequency of updates? Felix explains, “We provide a weekly horror kick. We have some really fantastic films coming up. I also wanted the app to be empowering for filmmakers (being one myself) that’s why we pay for content and promote our filmmakers.”

So far, so good and there are plans for growth. Felix, “We want to expand the app over the next six months, to include a free trailer system for independent horror films and we will be asking horror artists to send in their posters, we will then host them on our merchandise store, embed them in our poster page on the app and users will be able to buy the posters with the artists receiving money for their work – I have lots of exciting ideas.”

As passionate horror enthusiasts we were particularly attracted to the ethos of Popcorn Horror, so downloaded a couple of versions for both Android and iPhone. We have primarily tested the app on iPhone and have to say we’re incredibly impressed. Whilst each short won’t be to everybody’s liking there’s enough diversity from short-to-short that there will be something for everybody within the genre. Transit, Incubator and Son of a Dog are particular highlights. Not only is this a great way to pass the time, but it’s a perfect insight into a multitude of filmmakers’ mind. If you find a short you enjoy, then you’ll find you want to delve into the filmmakers’ back catalogue. This both provides the user with a great horror film experience and gives the filmmaker exposure. Indeed, if this were to have a wide enough audience, it would be entirely plausible to envisage bigger projects being commissioned off the strength of the shorts displayed here.

If you enjoy the app, consider becoming a premium member for extra content and to keep the project alive. This is a very impressive addition to the horror community, but the budget isn’t limitless and it won’t continue forever without our support.

So enough of our opinion, please find below one of the shorts from Popcorn HorrorO Risco (The Line) – and let us know in the comment section what you think to this innovative new app? We love it.


For further information please visit Popcorn Horror Official website or Popcorn Horror on Facebook



Are you sick of A Christmas Carol? Have you seen Miracle on 34th Street too many times? Well fear not, the Horror Channel has announced their Christmas schedule and it will make excellent festive viewing for anyone that enjoys the glamorous side of horror.

Particular highlights of the season of Hammer classics include Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde (1971) starring Bond Girl bombshell Martine Beswick as Sister Hyde. This gem of a film will be shown at 23:10 on Christmas Eve.

Also scheduled to keep viewers warm over winter is Yutte Stensgaard’s turn as a sexy vampire who takes over a girls school in Lust For A Vampire(1971). Ring in the New Year with this classic on December 31 at 23:10.

Start 2012 in epic fashion with sixties and seventies pin-up Ingrid Pitt as she stars in the iconic role of 1971 film Countess Dracula. This Hammer opus is screened Saturday 7 January at 23:10.

The season of glamorous films finishes on Saturday 14 January with the fan favourite Twins of Evil. Starring former Playboy twins Mary & Madeleine Collinson in the leading roles, this film is guaranteed to keep viewers warm during the harsh winter nights.

You can check out these awesome Hammer classics on the Horror Channel available on SKY 319, VIRGIN 149 and FREESAT 138.



British comedian Kevin Bishop is due to make his horror debut in upcoming flick May I Kill U? Bishop plays a policeman on duty during the recent London riots in an intense portrayal of events from earlier this year.

The film is the latest in a long line of horror-comedies and will feature Bishop’s character documenting his quest for retribution on his helmet-cam with the humorous and horrifying results being uploaded to the internet.

As writer/producer Stuart Urban has intimated the narrative will be set against a backdrop of social media and will explore how a vigilante interacts with society whilst exerting his own brand of justice.

The fantastically named Hayley-Marie Axe and recent Doctor Who villain Frances Barber star alongside Bishop. With filming still on-going plot details are scarce but expect this self-aware thriller to be big news next year.


The Frightfest All-Nighter is shaping up to be an awesome way to spend your Halloween weekend. Fresh from the announcement that almost 400 tickets have been sold the organisers have also staged a huge coup for fans of The Human Centipede franchise.

Not only will outspoken director Tom Six be in attendance with star of The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) Lawrence R Harvey but they will have almost the entire centipede from the second film there as well. If that wasn’t enough for fans of the controversial films, the incredibly named Dietar Laser – star of the original film will also be making a special guest turn.

If that wasn’t enough for you it has also been announced that Jessica Parker Kennedy, the star of kid’s camp chiller Bad Meat will also be along for the ride.

The event will feature six films including Bad Meat, Livid, Cold Sweat, The Watermen, Faces In The Crowd and the first ever UK screening of the previously banned The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence). The event lasts for an intense 12-hour session and promises value for money at £50 a ticket.

Tickets are selling fast and organisers have said there are just over thirty tickets available for the event on 29 October. Buy your Frightfest All Nighter Halloween Tickets Now.