Rating System

See Horror operate a proportional rating system where 5/10 actually means an average film rather than a bad one, as is the case with so many reviewing systems. Please refer to the below rating system for guidance.

10/10: This means that the film is perfect. The reviewer can see no room for improvement and there isn’t a single thing that the reviewer would have changed if he had made the film. It is extremely unlikely that anything will ever meet this standard as even a questionable facial expression or off-handed remark could relegate an otherwise perfect film to a 9.5.

8 – 9/10: Wow – almost flawless. This has that special ingredient that will hail it a classic for years to come. Films that score in this region are definitely going to be contenders for film of the year. To score an 8 or 9 is to make something quite spectacular indeed.

7/10: An extremely solid effort that comes so close to hall of fame material. Viewers will return to this again and again, but it just misses out on that special element that deems it a classic.

6/10: This has elements that are really enjoyable but there are also flaws that work to its detriment. It’s not quite mediocre but it’s not an instant success either. This comes near to a middle of the road product but there’s something extra – perhaps an original premise or genuinely engaging characters – that tips this the right side of mediocrity.

5/10: This is average. It’s not anything to get particularly excited about, but it’s by no means terrible. Typically an average film can be one with an original storyline that’s badly executed or a reasonably executed idea that we’ve seen again and again.

4/10: This is fundamentally flawed but it has a few shining moments.

3/10: Fundamentally flawed with one shining moment and nothing more.

1 – 2/10: These really are at the bottom of the barrel. Sometimes a point or two will be awarded because it’s so cringe worthy that the audience can savor a droplet of enjoyment through their laughter.

0/10: This is as difficult to attain as the perfect ten. Absolutely nothing can be good about the film, one glimmer of hope – even if it occurs for a millisecond will save the film from the unthinkable zero.

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