Resident reviewer, Gareth Jones, spent his Halloween weekend in West End Vue cinema for Frightfest’s annual Halloween all-nighter. He returns, sleep deprived, terrified and with an unnatural fear of exoskeletal insects. But were the films any good? Read on for the definitive verdict.

Frightfest Halloween All-Nighter 2011 Review



The Frightfest All-Nighter is shaping up to be an awesome way to spend your Halloween weekend. Fresh from the announcement that almost 400 tickets have been sold the organisers have also staged a huge coup for fans of The Human Centipede franchise.

Not only will outspoken director Tom Six be in attendance with star of The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) Lawrence R Harvey but they will have almost the entire centipede from the second film there as well. If that wasn’t enough for fans of the controversial films, the incredibly named Dietar Laser – star of the original film will also be making a special guest turn.

If that wasn’t enough for you it has also been announced that Jessica Parker Kennedy, the star of kid’s camp chiller Bad Meat will also be along for the ride.

The event will feature six films including Bad Meat, Livid, Cold Sweat, The Watermen, Faces In The Crowd and the first ever UK screening of the previously banned The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence). The event lasts for an intense 12-hour session and promises value for money at £50 a ticket.

Tickets are selling fast and organisers have said there are just over thirty tickets available for the event on 29 October. Buy your Frightfest All Nighter Halloween Tickets Now.