Tucker & Dale vs EvilTucker & Dale vs Evil begins with a typical horror cliché; a group of teenagers heading out to the wilderness for fun and frolics, only to be seemingly followed and terrorised by a pair of hillbillies. There are subtle nods to successful similar titles such as Deliverance, Wrong Turn and even Texas Chainsaw Massacre and you’d be forgiven for believing that you’ve seen and heard all of this before, but you’d be mistaken.

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British comedian Kevin Bishop is due to make his horror debut in upcoming flick May I Kill U? Bishop plays a policeman on duty during the recent London riots in an intense portrayal of events from earlier this year.

The film is the latest in a long line of horror-comedies and will feature Bishop’s character documenting his quest for retribution on his helmet-cam with the humorous and horrifying results being uploaded to the internet.

As writer/producer Stuart Urban has intimated the narrative will be set against a backdrop of social media and will explore how a vigilante interacts with society whilst exerting his own brand of justice.

The fantastically named Hayley-Marie Axe and recent Doctor Who villain Frances Barber star alongside Bishop. With filming still on-going plot details are scarce but expect this self-aware thriller to be big news next year.


When was the first time you watched a horror film, and how did it affect you?

Some of my earliest memories are of being taken to the drive-in by my parents in Kentucky to see the old Harryhausen Sinbad movies. I remember a lot of the older movies that would play on television (I’m from the last pre-VCR generation) like Gargoyles and The Thing With Two Heads.

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When the London [Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds etc] riots kicked off in the UK this Summer it had all the marks of a great apocalyptic horror film. Of course, it wasn’t great because it was on our doorstep which was what made it so darn terrifying. It was inevitable that a riots-inspired film would turn up and here it is, in the shape of May I Kill U? 

Director Stuart Urban says, “In the film we explain the interaction of society and a vigilante style killer whose choices play well to the social media gallery, particularly one hungry for  payback because of street crime in the UK.”

This dark comedy began shooting today. We will bring you more information as and when we have it.