Hostel III – Paint the town red this Christmas

Hostel IIIInteresting news is emerging for fans of the Hostel franchise, with the third instalment being unleashed straight onto DVD on 27 December.

Hostel III offers a new take on the original Sin City of Las Vegas, bringing the horror a lot closer to home for American fans of the series.

The film itself looks a lot more decadent than previous offerings with settings including glittering Vegas landmarks that are decorated with beautiful women. Sin City is a place that offers all kinds of indulgences for the rich, including the sinister ones on offer in Hostel III.

Helmed by Evil Dead II co-writer Scott Spiegel, the third instalment features the traditional array of beauties including model Kelly Thiebaud in one of the lead roles. Although Eli Roth has been rumoured to be producing, he has apparently stayed away from set of the latest instalment of the franchise that he created.

Released two days after Christmas, Hostel III could be the perfect late gift for those wishing to paint the town red over the festive period.


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Tucker & Dale vs EvilTucker & Dale vs Evil begins with a typical horror cliché; a group of teenagers heading out to the wilderness for fun and frolics, only to be seemingly followed and terrorised by a pair of hillbillies. There are subtle nods to successful similar titles such as Deliverance, Wrong Turn and even Texas Chainsaw Massacre and you’d be forgiven for believing that you’ve seen and heard all of this before, but you’d be mistaken.

Tucker & Dale VS Evil Review


Viscera Film FestivalSee Horror is excited to announce that The Viscera Film Festival is expanding and looking to recruit passionate, qualified and hard-working interns. There are currently a number of positions available for people who are interested in directly assisting female genre filmmakers from all over the world.

Viscera are a non-profit organisation founded by Shannon Lark who works tirelessly to support and showcase new and established women of genre. Viscera is about spreading the word that women can create commercial and creative work which will further the reach for women not only in horror filmmaking, but in all areas of the genre. Viscera are constantly working to get the Viscera films screened and promoted all over the world as part of the Viscera Tour and last summer they held their annual live event at the Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles. The world tour has taken (well, it will soon) the festival to Sydney, Australia, the Abattoir Film Festival in Wales and Geek Girl Con in Seattle.

For any filmmakers out there interested in submitting an entry, the closing dates for submissions to the festival are February 28 2012 (Women in Horror Recognition Month) and if you’re keen to get involved you can find out more information here.

And for those who want to apply for an internship: download the ‘Viscera Interns’ PDF and follow the instructions. Only respectful, punctual, and hard-working men and women are encouraged to apply.



SurvivalismoWhen was the first time you watched a horror film, and how did it affect you?

It’s hard to say, but having an older brother meant I began watching horror movies sooner than most people. I actually remember tricking my grandmother into taking me to see Gremlins 2 at the cinema when I was eight or nine years old.

Interview with Jose Pedro Lopes


Frightfest PromoThis is a final call for all budding John Carpenters or George A. Romeros out there. FrightFest short and feature film submissions are about to close for the Glasgow event that will be held on 25 and 26 February 2012. Submissions close on 1 December 2011 and announcements will be made about the final line-up in mid-January.

However, if that deadline is too short for you don’t worry. The closing date for the main FrightFest in August 2012 is 1 June 2012 and the closing date for submissions for the Halloween All-Nighter is 1 September 2012.

Submission forms and further guidance on dates and formats can be found on the official FrightFest website.

Good luck to all those submitting shorts this year!



MasksIn recent years there have been a handful of films which have been either directly influenced by giallo (Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani’s dazzling Amer) or at least partially pay homage to the subgenre (Aronofsky’s Black Swan). Andreas Marshall’s (Tears of Kali director) new film, Masks, owes a debt to the splatter-opera masters of the sixties and seventies, while also drawing inspiration from Brian De Palma, Italian maestro Mario Bava and Argento.