Fans of horror, prepare for a real treat in the form of Steve Harris’ Retrospective on Return of the Living Dead. For those that remember this the first time around, please join us for a journey down memory lane, and for those yet to become accustomed with Return of the Living Dead, join us, it’s going to be a blood and laugh-filled journey.

Return of the Living Dead Retrospective



Lieutenant Brian Murphy (Robert Freeman) is on the last evacuated plane out of an unnamed African city, following what appears to be a worldwide zombie apocalypse. The plane crashes and he’s the sole survivor, washing up on a coast and facing a long trek across unforgiving landscapes to get to safety. Along the way he meets up with Sergeant Daniel Dembele (Prince David Osei), a soldier whose village has been torn apart by zombies and who is now on the trail of his son and they decide to join forces, heading for a military base in the north.

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Here at See Horror, we are delighted to bring to you our new feature Horror Retrospective. Here, our writers, put forward a case for classic yet forgotten horror films, or films that have divided fans and critics. First up is Mark West – who will be heavily involved in this excellent featured – speaking about the much overlooked eighties film Dead & Buried.

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A remake of this much-lauded classic must have seemed like a foolhardy exercise. Romero, reworking his original script, had admitted that it was a purely financial endeavour – having made very little from the original due to bad distribution deals and as a result of the film inadvertently slipping into the public domain. Here Romero could do nothing as his film surfaced again and again, shoddily presented and edited. Then finally, the ultimate insult, colorized – a term that is unworthy of being anglicised. Given the circumstances, it was quite understandable why Romero wanted to reassert himself on the genre he created and on the film that started it all.

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New zombie flick, The Dead, arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray on October 10. For those unable to wait until then check out the brand new behind the scenes action below.

Producer and Director Howard J. Ford commented, “Seeing some of this new footage, a lot of which I had no idea was even being shot, takes me right back to the horrors we faced getting it in the can.  Everything from my knifepoint mugging on the very first day of production to watching my own Brother Jon whither away to a near skeleton with dysentery & severe food poisoning while our lead actor Rob Freeman lay in a local hospital dying of cerebral Malaria..

But now, with the film about to come out, Jon and I are starting to feel a sense of excitement that we haven’t felt before and if the release goes the way it looks like it will, we will owe it to those who supported us to get our asses back out to Africa and bring back The Dead 2 – whether we survive it or not!”

Here’s the synopsis:

Shot on locations across Burkina Faso and Ghana, West Africa on 35mm including many never before committed to celluloid locations, The Dead is unlike anything horror audiences have ever experienced – an apocalyptic, savage journey to the heart of Africa.

The story is centred around the journey of American Air Force engineer Lieutenant Brian Murphy (Rob Freeman), the sole survivor of a plane crash, who has to run the gauntlet across Africa, battling with the living dead. He joins forces with local military man Sergeant Daniel Dembele (Prince David Osei) who is desperately searching for his missing son. They must fight together if they are to survive the flesh-eating horrors of the bush.